Rhetorician is small but very helpful!

Write speech

Although you can do it in any text editor, you also can write your speech right in the Rhetoric.

Go to Stage the scene

Stage the scene

Set accents, emotions and phrase longitude for each phrase, for each piece of your speech.

Go to Shoot your video!

Shoot your video!

Probably the best way to shoot new materials for your Youtube channel, huh!

Watch the Prompter

He will train and assist you to make performance smooth, artistic and just brilliant.

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Let's think

You need this app if..

Swift changed from version 2 to 3, my sister got married, I changed my job - these are events happened while Rhetoric was being created.

No I did not use PHP for these exact projects. :) But I will if I need to.

Udemy.com thank you. You were of big help to me.

Enthusiasm of my team is the best resource. Looking back to where I started from, I understand that I would never do it without my two designers.

I hope that version Rhetoric 1.0 is just a beginning, I still have lots of ideas how to make speech performance even more funny and easier.

  • Report preparation never been easier

  • Your story will look perfect

  • Your speech will inspire your people

  • This is your ultimate weapon


People who helped and supported me


Programmer and the author
Thinking about creating one more youtube channel, ended up with an idea of Rhetoric.

Dasha Litot

Intro pictures, animations and plenty of other small but important images – is her part of the project. And she the one who doesn’t live in Tokyo, she is happy in Saint Petersburg.


He created great logo and icon for Rhetoric.

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